The Simple Way I Upgraded My Church for Live Streaming

  Our church has been live streaming for several years, but to my surprise, we were putting out some horrible quality.  With the staff’s permission, I took matters in to my own hands and upgraded our stream to Desktop Mode with the help of my laptop and a couple of cameras.   Here’s a quick […]

How to Get Started Live Streaming with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Live Streaming!  Everyone’s getting excited about it.  It’s everywhere.  If you’re looking to start live streaming your church services, but aren’t sure where to start, I suggest you spend $0 and download a free copy of Open Broadcaster Software [OBS].    OBS gives you the ability to live switch between multiple camera sources and scenes. […]

Getting Started with the Tricaster Mini HD-4

  NewTek, the makers of the tremendous TriCaster line of broadcast and streaming systems, has a wonderful little broadcast studio that can almost fit in your pocket — the TriCaster Mini.  I’ve been using Tricasters for over 10 years and produced hundreds of hours or live streaming content using most of them.  The Mini ranks right […]

Getting Started with Audacity Audio Editor

  Audio editing can seem a bit daunting when you’ve never done it.  I remember when I got started how it all seemed so foreign.  If you’ve never edited an audio file before, I recommend that you try getting your feet wet using the free audio editor that millions of other folks are using, called […]

Sermon Podcasting 101 | The Basics of Editing Sermon Audio

Editing sermon audio, if you’ve never done it, may seem either a daunting task, or unnecessary — after all, it sounded GREAT during the service, why wouldn’t it sound GREAT on the recording???   Trust me – it might not.  Editing can be a very simple or a very tough task, depending on the problems you […]